Christmas and New Years Eve

December 24, 25, 26, 30, 31 and January 1


(Choose 2 options per order)

Dentex cake with shrimp mayonnaise
Galician octopus
Fried slatasangs with slaughter pork
Fried seafood and octopus sailor
Christmas soup


(1 to choose per person)

Monkfish, squid and seasonal mushrooms cannelloni with pumpkin béchamel
Baked Majorcan cod
Squid Mallorcan; stuffed with meat, pine nuts and raisins
Pork tenderloin with cabbage in its sauce and potatoes
Baked lamb with potatoes, onion and carrot
Painted steak with meatloaf, potato, cabbage and pork chop

Homemade Desserts

(1 to choose per person)

Fresh cheese pudding
Almond gató

€ 30

VAT included

(Gift of a bottle of Cava)
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